"Definitely one to watch"

– Mum

"Great songs. Great voice"

– Boyfriend

"Her songs are self contained stories shedding an ironic light on life"

– School Teacher

I'm a singer + songwriter & actress from Italy

After graduating in jazz studies, I started out playing jazz and blues alongside working as an actress and writer. Eager to expand my horizons I moved to Paris and then later to London where I studied acting and got a Masters Degree at The Drama Centre London.

I started writing songs as a way to overcome the torments of life and with a great sound engineer called Sean (who used to say “yeah yeah yeah” in a 70s disco dance way) I worked on my first originals. The first song I ever wrote was about food. Yes. I know. But I’m Italian, it makes sense. It’s called “One Last Cookie”. Still now when I play it, it has quite an interesting effect on women.

The first song I ever wrote was about food. Yes. I know. But I’m Italian, it makes sense.

During this time I met an amazing French guitarist and songwriter with whom I started gigging in London, outside London… pretty much anywhere they’d have us. We liked defining ourselves as “the best unexpected duo around”. But he then moved to San Francisco leaving me without a great guitarist which was a problem.

While mourning his loss my heart was warmed by a lovely blog that included me in the top 5 unsigned artists of 2012 ( and a lovely blogger who called me “misty eyed green eyed soul cum jazzy pop” (I do love him dearly).

...My songs were featured on radios in the UK...

While continuing acting, singing and writing for my own theatre company I met some other talented musicians (there’s always hope) and put together a blues band “Cecilia G & The Rocking Chairs”. Together we recorded our first jazz/blues/pop/whoknows EP “Genius”. My songs were featured on radios in the UK such as West Country Radio, LibreRock and Best Of British Unsigned.

After long afternoons, evenings and weekends spent in my room writing and recording songs with an 80s keyboard and an I-phone for company, I felt ready to share the fruits of my labour. I got in touch with a few producers, had some peculiar encounters and then I entered the magic doors of Abbey Road to meet Rob Cass who, with his outfit “Cave Productions”, produces songs from this heavenly place. With Rob I started developing the edgy solo material that I had (I felt like a real woman by then), into more developed ideas, which started leaning towards a more popular sound. In April 2014 we finished my first solo EP which has been released in October 2014 under the name “The Funeral Of My Expectations” (

Since then, many things have happened.

Coming from an acting background I decided I didn’t want to do the usual music video with hot men dancing around me as I’m lip-syncing the song squeezed in an unflattering latex dress with wind in my hair. I’m not that hip. So I figured… why not writing a story that develops over three videos? What an exciting idea! As always, it proved harder than imagined but, with the help of a great team, I think we’re doing a great job. The first episode, WITCH IN ME, has seen audiences on the edge of their seat, eager to know what happens next. It has also won a few awards in the US and the UK. The second episode, WHEN HE LOVES, has brought back that 80s nostalgia I love so much. The trilogy has seen the end in the summer of 2015 with the third and final episode, PASSION PROVIDER. All videos are available on my VEVO channel (I’ve got a VEVO profile… how cool is that?!)

Along with the EP release came more gigs, more blogs features, radio plays and live video sessions. My music even reached India and the Middle East: the single WITCH IN ME is currently being featured in the GOA CHILLOUT ZONE VOL. 6 and is being broadcast on TVs and Radios out there.

And then the icing on the cake… I joined the record label THE ANIMAL FARM ( In December 2014 I started working on new songs with those two amazing brothers who run the company and the fruit of our labour came out in August 2015. It’s called MAZE WITHOUT WALLS, have a listen…

My music is inspired massively by blues and jazz (old school blues is what you’d find me singing under the shower), with a sprinkle of pop to finish it off…. I know, food again!?

To be continued...