25th January, Nambucca, London

24th March, The Blind Bee, London

14th April, The Bike Shed, London

27th May, Lechlade Festival, Cotswolds

Between September and December 2015 I’ve put on my Marlene Dietrich’s ┬áhat (the resemblance is incredible I know…) as I got hired to sing in a beautiful show called “The Olympic Games of 1936” that has toured some amazing theatres all around Italy. That’s why I haven’t had a chance to gig much with my band but we’re coming back folks with new songs and a great set up!

2015 Gigs

The Blind Bee, 1st October 2015, London

Acklam Village Market, 11th July 2015, London

The Bedroom Bar, 16th June 2015, London

Gondola Bar, 6th June 2015, London

Vannfest, 6th June 2015, Ockley

The Deaf Institute, 28th May2015, Manchester

The Troubadour, 22th May 2015, London

Underbelly Hoxton Square, 13th May 2015, London

The Silver Bullet, 15th April 2015, London

Floripa, 22th March 2015, London

The Pit Bar, 13th March 2015, London

Bohemia Cafe, 6th March 2015, London

Vault Festival, 1st March 2015, London

Acklam Village Market, 22nd February 2015, London

The Troubadour, 13th February 2015, London

The Bedford, 9th february 2015, London

The Blind Bee, 4th February 2015, London

The Candlemaker, 28th January 2015, London

The Troubadour, 23rd January 2015, London

Trapeze, 11th Hanuary 2015, London